Drunk Bullies Immediately Regret Messing With Mysterious Person On Motorcycle

A drunk dude in Orlando, Florida make three stupid decisions that got him and his buddy knocked out.

1. Don’t kick a man’s motorcycle
2. Don’t get into a fight with a guy in a helmet
3. Don’t go bare knuckle against a person wearing riding gloves

In the viral video below, a man riding a Yamaha R1 is passing through a crosswalk when a bald guy approaches him, kicking his bike. The biker gets off and lays a left hook squarely on his jaw knocking him to the pavement. Then, with zero hesitation,the southpaw cyclist knocks the guy’s buddy out cold, too.

The biker then drives off like a hero.


What’s interesting is that the guys go down hard after what looks like a pretty soft punch. It appears as though the biker is wearing carbon fiber or Kevlar knuckle guards which is just like wearing brass knuckles.

While the guys who got knocked out were clearly intoxicated it’s hard to know who started the fight in the first place. In a second video, there’s an altercation in the crosswalk that led to the fight.

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