Drunk Driver Hits Pedestrian – Keeps Driving With Body Parts Stuck To Car

A 25-year-old man in Guangxi, China has been arrested following eyewitness reports that he struck a pedestrian with his vehicle while driving home drunk, then kept going with the man’s severed torso still stuck to his car.

According to Apple Daily, the pedestrian, whose last name is Lan, was taking a walk with his colleague near the factory where they worked when the driver, whose last name is Zhong, struck him with his speeding Audi. As far as I can tell from Google’s terrible translation, the friend heard a loud “bang” sound, then looked over and witnessed some truly horrific shit:

On Tuesday (9 May) evening 7:30, an Audi car at 321 State Line Road, Lipu County, Ma Zhen road, smashed into a pedestrian walk in the side of the road, causing the other body cut in half, half body still fly into the car, the driver did not stop, carrying half body escape.

They just left the factory gate to go tens of meters away, Chen M suddenly heard “bang” bang, feeling a gust of wind blowing through from the side, the side of the companions had disappeared.

Not to be dissuaded by the severed human torso stuck to his car, the man kept driving for another 100 meters or so before abandoning his vehicle and fleeing the scene.

The eyewitness immediately called the police, who tracked Zhong from his abandoned, bloody car to the village in which he resides, where he was no doubt sleeping it off. Shockingly enough, he’d been drinking heavily at a friend’s house that night before getting behind the wheel. Zhong is unemployed, has a prior history of car accidents, and furthermore, doesn’t have a driver’s license, which makes me wonder who let him have a car at all.

I don’t know about you, but this is one instance where I’m not too bothered by China’s reputation for punishing convicted criminals harshly. Don’t drink and drive, kids. It’s not worth it.


SOURCE   [h/t Shanghaiist]

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