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Drunk Girl Trashes Uber Car When He Refuses To Give Her A Ride

This happened on Sunday night in Miami, this woman had too much to drink and needed to take an Uber home. As she was waiting for her own Uber to arrive another one showed up to pick up a different couple. That’s when she decided that she wasn’t going to wait any longer and wanted to take the Uber that was here and now. The couple who the Uber came to originally picked up filmed the following incident.

The YouTube description tells how everything started. “We were on the phone with this uber driver while he pulled up to our location. Out of nowhere the girl in the video gets in the backseat of his car and won’t get out. We told the driver it was ok, to just cancel our ride, but he did not want to take her anywhere so he kept telling her to get out. Eventually the driver gets out and says he’s calling the cops to get her out of the car. After a couple of minutes of the driver pretending to talk to the cops (im assuming he was pretending because they never showed up at first), the girl decides to reach into the front seat, grab his keys, and start walking away with his keys in her hands…. That’s where the video starts…”

According to the video uploader, after the video ends, the cops arrived and arrested the woman. But the driver didn’t press charges, he just wanted her to pay for the damages to his car and his wasted time.

It didn’t take long for the internet thugs to do some fishing and find out that this young lady is in fact a neurology student named Anjali N. Ramkissoon. 

She’s a 4th year neurology student at the University of Miami, and people seem to think that the “thought of her being in control of anyone’s well being is downright horrifying, given her obvious dire mental condition.”

Her Facebook is currently getting destroyed:

While she seems to have just deleted her LinkedIn, and her Instagram.


Just have to hope that the driver followed through and gave her a one star passenger review on the Uber app.


Drunk Girl Trashes Uber Car When He Refuses To Give Her A Ride

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