Drunk Guy Perforates Bowel After Losing Control Of 30-Inch Sex Toy

Drunk Guy Perforates Bowel After Losing Control Of 30-Inch Sex Toy

Let’s file this story under, ‘holy hell.’

Thanks to BMJ Case Reports, we now all know that a very intoxicated man had a slip-up while enjoying a 30-inch sex toy. And what we mean by that is he lost control of it and it went so deep into him that is actually injured his bowel. Like we said, holy hell.

The guy showed up at the A&E at Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust and baffled doctors when they were first confronted by this dude and his two-and-a-half foot sex toy. Doctors called this situation “highly dangerous,” adding, “This case is the first of its kind and exclusive due to the enormous size.”


Oh, it gets worse for this dude. Because of his 30-inch sex toy fail (a non-battery-operated sex toy if you were wondering), he ended up having to use a stoma bag to prevent waste being passed through his colon. The man also had to be fed through a tube in the hospital for nine days. Eventually the sex toy was removed…along with part of his large intestine.

And that’s the story about why this guy decided never to drink and pleasure himself ever again.


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