Drunk Man Has Audacity To Pet Justin Timberlake’s Beautiful Face, Gets Arrested

Drunk Man Has Audacity To Pet Justin Timberlake’s Beautiful Face, Gets Arrested

If you touch Justin Timberlake’s face, you will get arrested. That’s what Keith Weglin, 29, learned over the weekend after drunkenly stroking the pop star’s cheek. The incident went down in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, where Timberlake was in town for a celebrity golf tournament. As he strolled through the jubilant crowd, a hand reached out and “slapped” (as TMZ is calling it) JT’s beautiful mug, prompting the singer/actor to U-turn in disgust and ask, “Why would you do that, bro?”

Timberlake couldn’t stick around for an answer, as his security detail swept him away from the perpetrator. But the damage was already done “What Goes Around Comes Around”-style. Douglas County Undersheriff Paul Howell confirmed that Weglin was subsequently arrested “after the ‘touching’ of Timberlake.”

According to Howell, Weglin, who was allegedly intoxicated, was only arrested because he “became disorderly and argumentative” once escorted out of the Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course. Weglin spent the day in the Douglas County Jail before posting bail at $640 that night.

JT, while visibly peeved, declined to press charges – it was a very light slap after all – but the decision ultimately lies with the district attorney’s office, says Howell.

Timberlake, his representatives nor Weglin has commented on the situation at this time of writing, and it’s not yet clear if the latter needs a lawyer. We really hope he does for the sake of dank memes.

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