Dude On An ATV Taunts The Absolute Dick Out Of The Police By Popping A Wheelie In Front Of A Cop Car


Hey, are you that dude up there? Because if you are,the police are looking for you.

Why? Because this is somewhat (very? kinda? maybe?) illegal.

Damn. That is some ballsy fucking taunting.

Now police are investigating the video. The incident went down last week in Prince George’s County, outside Washington, D.C.

According to Fox 5, cruisers in PG County have a no chase policy when it comes to ATVs and bikes, so the cops couldn’t go after him for the stunt.

But he shouldn’t be too hard to identify. The dude in the video has 40,000 followers on Instagram.

Maybe not the smartest move.
The content (read evidence) on his instagram seems to have been taken down but here is a news report:

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