This Dude Had A Bob Ross Painting Party Thrown For Him And It’s The Best Party We’ve Seen

OK, so we don’t go out to a lot of parties, and that’s mainly because we don’t get invited because of that running around nude/tequila incident. But still, this party right here seems like a dream come true.

Now of course Arthur and other cartoons, along with Sesame Street and even Zoom used to rule PBS, but let’s not forget that Bob Ross was just an underrated genius who wanted to make the world a better place with a simple paintbrush and a blank canvas. And apparently the dude in this story was such a huge Bob Ross fan that his rad friends thought it would be a great idea to throw him a Bob Ross themed party for his birthday.

Take a look at this tweet shared by Chris Nervegna.

Take a look at these photos from his party:

And of course Twitter went nuts.

And then there was this genius:

That guy with the phone is all of us.

I hope they made you proud, Bob.

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