Dude Confronts Old Woman Who Is Taking A Sh*t in His Driveway

Should have taken the opportunity to dump his own shit on top of her when she was taking care of business.


I’m not good with accents so I’m not really sure where this takes place, but it must be a literal shit hole if this is common. This dude is just minded his own business in his house when he looks outside to see an intruder walk onto his driveway. He starts filming just in case she plans to steal something. Instead she pulls down her pants, squats, and lays one right down on the concrete. When she started wiping that’s when the dude called her out.


Of course the old woman got very defensive. He threatened to kick her ass if she doesn’t leave, she acts like being 60-years-old is going to stop him from throwing her off his property. As a man who had to once clean up human feces at work I have full sympathy for this guy.

This isn’t the first time she’s been caught:


Dude Confronts Old Woman Who Is Taking A Sh*t… by chaostrophic

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