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Dude Discovers The ‘Find Of A Lifetime’ Just Casually Sitting On A Deceased Relative’s Bookshelf

Dude Discovers The ‘Find Of A Lifetime’ Just Casually Sitting On A Deceased Relative’s Bookshelf

I’m always extremely envious of these people who find valuable treasures just sitting in plain sight. I’ll see galleries like this one on Imgur every couple of months and I’m astonished every time I see these people finding $$$$$ sitting around the house when I can tell you down to the exact penny how much money is in my change jar at this very moment.

This person posted their findings on Imgur over the weekend. They found this completely forgettable and mundane tube sitting on the shelf of a deceased relative’s bookcase. Upon opening the tube they found a treasure trove of immaculately preserved rare coins. The person (@juice06870 on Imgur) who posted all of this to Imgur is calling this the ‘find of a lifetime’ and it seems like everyone on the Internet is agreeing with them.So let’s check out what they found….

The tube:

Here’s what it looked like when they popped open the tube. Certainly there’s nothing to get excited about…yet.

That stack of silver coins had to have them feeling pretty excited:

According to @juice06870 on Imgur, this particular stack of silver coins are mostly from the 1930’s to the 1960’s:

They found ‘a number of US trade dollars’, here are views of the front and back of the coins to see how immaculately they’ve been preserved over the decades:

All of those coins are extremely valuable, ranging in the ‘several hundreds of dollars’ range at minimum for each piece. But there are some even rarer and more valuable coins in this find including ‘Dutch guilders and a franc from the second French Empire’. The coin in the top middel of this first picture is from the second French empire:

The coin seen below on the top left was minted the same year Vincent Van Gogh was born:

Now. Holy shit snacks. Thes are the REAL TREASURES found in this haul. According to the Imgur captions, these are U.S. Dollar Coins from 1803, the year of The Louisiana Purchase, and 1804, the year Louis and Clark embarked on their legendary cross-country expedition:

The comments on Imgur and Reddit are alive with people telling this person who valuable these coins are. There are also plenty of naysayers saying that several of these coins are possibly fake. The person who posted all of these coins to Imgur claims they tested the coins for all of the obvious/telltale signs of fraudulent coins, like checking them with magnets, and they claim that none of the red flags were present. But, until this person actually takes this collection of coins to an appraiser they won’t know for certain how much all of this is worth.


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