Dude Dresses Up As Coca-Cola Bottle To Rob Kentucky Restaurant


Some robbers sure do like getting dressed up to do their crime, and sometimes their choice of disguise is so absurd and bizarre that it has everyone buzzing. We have to tell you about a robber who dressed up as a soft drink.

Police are on the lookout for a gunman “dressed as a Coca-Cola bottle” who was caught on surveillance video robbing Rally’s restaurant in Henderson. The Coke bottle snuck up on the manager with a gun in hand and was able to run away with $500.

Check out the bizarre video below to see this highly-caffeinated drink in action.

According to the Henderson Police Department, the Coke outfit may have been a Halloween costume. Oh wow, these cops can figure it all out! Police are still looking for the robber who they describe as a white male who fled the crime scene in gray minivan driven by another white male. No word yet if the getaway driver was also dressed as a soft drink.

If he was hopefully it was a Pepsi costume.



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