Dude Ends Up Looking In The Trash For Hours Simply To Prove To His Girlfriend He’s Not Cheating

So either that dude is dedicated, or his girlfriend is insane. Either way, looks like they need to part ways.

So of course there are tons of cheaters out there, and people handle it in different ways. Some folks head on over to Facebook to show their partner in the “act,” others lose weight and get hot to shove it in their cheating partner’s face, and some just go dumpster diving. And dumpster diving is exactly what one dude did, but only after he was accused of cheating.

This dude on Twitter informed the internet world that he had just spent two hours arguing with his girlfriend over a piece of wrapper she believed was from a condom. The poor dude even had to go through the trash. Take a look at the tweet below.

Here’s a closer look at the piece of wrapper in question:

Here’s his mission:

And this is what the piece of wrapper actually belonged to: a seasoning packet.

This dude deserves some sort of medal, but probably a drink.



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