People have a lot of different opinions on the best way to get revenge on someone who cheated on you. Some go for the quiet keep it between the two of you and just move on. Maybe throw their stuff in the front yard and send an F OFF text, nothing too crazy.

Others will go for the public humiliation route. With social media in 2017, you can really reach a lot of people to put your ex on blast. I guess even that sometimes isn’t enough. So this dude found a way to make sure ALL of her friends and family got notified. Not only that, he had them all worried sick that she might be lost and missing. Then as they scrolled lower on the post they saw an interesting “missing person” photo.

It was her getting finger blasted in the middle of the street! WTF! He tagged her Mom, Aunts, EVERYONE in this missing photo begging for shares with that… WOW.

He wrote on Facebook: Serious situation. This girls been missing she’s not turned up home or been in touch with her family this is the only picture we have of her. If you see her can you please tell her to report to her family as they are worried sick. PLEASE SHARE AND LETS GET HER HOME. Thank you. Her name is ***. Last seen in parklife.

He included a very nice pic of her as well…

I am going to have to agree with the top comment here from one of their mutual friends: WHAT!!! You cold-blooded son of a bitch! You tagged her and the fam! Damn thats no chill.

I think it is pretty safe to say that this dude will be getting the Savage of the day award. I noticed something else funny about this picture while doing my research. This is definitely not a private finger blasting show. Look at these dudes I saw in the top right.

The 3 dudes in the back are 100% talking about the mid-street finger blast. While the bald dude looks to be a little upset that he is not getting in on the action

One person who was not as amused as me was the girls family.

As you can imagine people were seriously concerned (at first) then they were pissed off that he would do something like this. One family member wrote:

“How could you do something like this. I picked up the phone and called **Her Moms Name** right when I saw the text. I was worried sick. I made her get on her computer and check it out while I hung up and called Grandma. By the time her Mom looked I realzied what you had done. You put our entire family through a roller coaster for what? I hope it was worth it. You really had done it. Delete this post.”

The dude’s response which has almost 100 likes was short, simple, and sweet: “Don’t blame me, blame the hoe, and the dudes fingers”


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