Dude Takes Selfie With Homeless Man Before Setting Him On Fire

Dude Takes Selfie With Homeless Man Before Setting Him On Fire

There are some serious issues with these dudes… How are you going to do something like this to another living person?? Clowns.

Two men have been arrested for allegedly setting a sleeping homeless man on fire.

According to Unilad: The men approached the rough sleeper at a train station before taking selfies with him, CCTV shows them posing with the man.

One sat down and put his arm around the man, who was passed out on a station bench, while his friend took photos during the incident at Munich Train Station.

The two men took numerous selfies with the 51-year-old homeless man before setting his belongings on fire with a cigarette, local German media reports.

Several witnesses recognized the two men from the CCTV footage.

The two men, reportedly both Italian nationals, confessed their actions to the police, telling officers they were ‘just having some fun’.

They’re suspected of attempted GBH and will be brought before a judge to decide if they will be kept longer in custody.

Here is the CCTV video that was shot at the scene:

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