Dude Takes Sleeping Pills And Spends $3,000 On The Most WTF Purchase Ever

Dude Takes Sleeping Pills And Spends $3,000 On The Most WTF Purchase Ever

Your drunk shenanigans have NOTHING on this dude who made the most ridiculous purchase imaginable while under the influence of sleeping pills. After popping a sleeping pill he woke up to find that he’d spent over $3,000 on a goddamn YAK. I’m not using the abbreviation for ‘kayak’ here, he purchased a friggin’ COW. A friend of his uploaded a picture of the dude’s receipt to Imgur and from there his story went viral.

via Metro UK:

He ordered a yak.
Yeah, we’ll just give you a couple of minutes to try and maintain a straight enough face to continue reading.
Okay? Sure? Good.
So, this man was a ‘friend of a friend’ of a Reddit user who’d heard about the transaction and decided to post it online for the world to see.
Of course, it’s pretty hard to believe anyone could actually spend £3,000 on a yak in the early hours of the morning – especially when not even aware of it.
So, to back up his claims, he posted a screenshot of the transaction – including costs of the yak and also shipping – and it looks pretty legit.

If you’re wondering what a ‘Yak’ looks like this is what a yak looks like:

He then shared a copy of the receipt along with an update on the post:

I have an update on the Yak.
He managed to stop the payment at the credit card company. He also posted this on Facebook:
Oh I’m sure you would’ve all liked for me to just let them deliver it, but a) My apartment complex would boot my ass on to the street. The only thing worse than being homeless is being a homeless yak owner. b) My beagle Lucy would lose her motherf*cking mind. c) I’m an astrophysicist, not Baron Moneybags Von Richf*ck so I can’t just spend $3,000 on a yak to amuse the Internet.

Now it’s story time…

One time in college I took a sleeping pill (or something like it) and walked my ass to the nearest Whataburger. The fact that I walked there was truly bizarre because I lived about a mile away and yet my completely comatose brain had the foresight to think that walking instead of driving was a good idea, and for that I’m still thankful because I could’ve gotten myself into some serious trouble. Well I was with a friend who actually had no idea that I was sleep walking at the time and since I wasn’t awake I (1) had no idea that I went to Whataburger and (2) had no clue that he was there with me.

The next morning I roll out into the living room where my buddy had passed out on our couch that night and the first thing he says to me is ‘dude, do you remember getting bitch slapped by an old man at Whataburger last night?’ Given that I had no memory of even leaving the house I was shocked to discover that I’d chased a 50-year-old African American gentleman out of Whataburger accusing him of stealing my food, harassing him until he just swiped me across the face and sent me back inside to get my own food which was sitting on the counter. Needless to say sleeping pills can cause some fuuuuuuucked up reactions. The sad thing is that this story is EASILY the most tame one I have from college that involves sleep walking, the rest just aren’t suitable for here.



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How many incidents involving sleeping pills does it take a self proclaimed astrophysicist to say ‘Hey maybe I shouldn’t take those’.

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