Dude Texts Wrong Number And Talks About His Unfortunate Penis Size

Dude Texts Wrong Number And Talks About His Unfortunate Penis Size

Well that’s just sad.

So just when you thought it couldn’t get more awkward than the manager who texted his employee a super harsh message meant for his wife, this dude comes around and tells a random person about his penis.

So it seems that some dude named Michael messaged a woman who he thinks is Crystal, and this message is all about him telling Crystal to stop telling people about his penis size. Going out on a limb here, but going to assume Michael did Crystal wrong, and now Crystal is spreading those penis rumors.

Well, Michael wasn’t talking to Crystal, but to some random dude. Here’s how the exchange started. Take a look at it below thanks to imgur user IWasDoingFineLurking.

Well, Michael, buddy, I don’t think Lauren gave you Crystal’s correct number. I think Lauren’s an a-hole who wanted to mess with you. You’re having a rough week, Michael.

And then the random stranger on the other line had this to say.

Well, at least he tried making Michael feel a tad better.

Poor Michael. This dude just needs to have confidence in his junk, and find himself a gal like this.


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