Dude Trades Pants With His Best Friend So She Can Take Quiz, Ends Up Wearing Booty Shorts


That’s what friends are for.

Good friends are tough to find these days, but finding great friends are extremely rare. And hell, finding a friend who will trade pants with you so you can take a quiz is downright impossible. Well, Andrew Nguyen is that friend. The 18-year-old from Arlington, Texas has received praise after trading pants with his friend, Diana Le, so she could take a quiz. Let’s first take a look at the photo that has everyone buzzing thanks to Andrew’s Twitter:




“Basically, we were in the library and she was studying really hard for this exam and I was just doing my other homework.” That is when Diana started panicking because she realized she didn’t have pants for the lab where she was to take the quiz.

“A lot of the labs have dress code for safety conduct, which is understandable to an extent,” Andrew said. “They literally make you wear pants and closed toe shoes to even get in the class.”

So they traded pants.

Diana took his sweatpants, and Andrew just sat on the toilet in her booty shorts until the quiz was over.

And now Andrew is getting kudos from everyone all over the internet.

No word yet if this will be enough for Diana to finally agree to hook up with Andrew.

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