Dudes Ruin Your Favorite Foods By Showing What They Look Like After Two Months – You Will Barf


YouTube connoisseurs Rhett and Link—a comedy duo known for their viral videos and myriad YouTube shows—decided to mine for internet gold in the decaying ruins of two-month-old foods.

What’s better, if one of your favorite foods can survive two months in the wild unscathed, or if it gets completely covered in insects and mold? You would think the latter, because it proves your food’s not pumped full of preservatives.

But then again… good luck eating a burrito after watching this thing.

They found their internet gold, but it was hidden under a nest of maggots. Here are the spark notes:

  • Mini Wheats become hard as rocks, stink something terrible, and get covered in black stuff which may or may not be insect poop.
  • Hamburger bread doesn’t change, and neither do fries—this is bad news for anyone who thought fries were organic. Meanwhile, the pickle is truly a sight to behold. “That is a freaking pickle!” No, Rhett. That is no longer a pickle.
  • The hard boiled egg has become a bouncy ball.
  • The burrito. My god, the burrito. Eat a burrito while watching this video and you are truly a super hero. You are also begging for dreams of tiny bugs crawling around your intestines.
  • Caprese salad—it’s just a black plate full of maggots.

All those foods are off the table for the next year. Thank god they didn’t experiment with pizza.

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