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Dumbass Kid Eats a Cherry Bomb for YouTube Fame



Knocking out your teeth by eating a cherry bomb is a party trick you can only do once, this kid learns that the hard way.

Cherry bombs hold the stereotype of destroying toilet bowls, so this kid wanted to experiment and see what one would do to his mouth. It’s simple really, lights it and sticks it in his mouth. He even closes his jaw so he gets maximum amount of damage as possible. This moron just wants to be internet popular and he figured that making a violent viral video is the only way to accomplish that. The problem is that this video will only show people how much of an idiot he is, his new found internet fame isn’t going to pay for his dental work either.

2 replies on “Dumbass Kid Eats a Cherry Bomb for YouTube Fame”

A real cherry bomb is round and would have killed him. I don’t know what that thing was.

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