DUMBFOUNDEAD – SAFE: Whitewashing Hollywood Roles

 I Am Bored DUMBFOUNDEAD – SAFE: Whitewashing Hollywood Roles 


After the last Academy Awards and the regular whitewashing of hollywood roles, I wrote this song and made this video to add my piece to the conversation. -yt

I am definitely not informed well enough to have an educated opinion on the whole whitewashing thing these days, but I sure do like this song 🙂 He has sick flow.

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You wait, when the majority of the world wants to hear movies in mandarin, you’ll be watching Braveheart played by a chinese actor pretending to be scottish.

When white people put other white people in their movies, it’s whitewashing. But when white people do try to cast/portray non-white characters/cultures/etc, then it’s racist and “cultural appropriation”. Kinda seems like damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

You wanna see some different movies/actors/characters? Then get in there and make your own.

Also, the Oscars “controversy” was just some bullshit started buy a bitter, mediocre director who wanted to whine that he didn’t get a participation trophy. The film academy is a PRIVATE club, believe it or not, and if they choose to freeze out non-white people in the industry then they have the right to do that. And viewers have the right to stop caring about their dumb awards ceremony. And other people in the industry have the right to form their own, new, private club, and make their own rules about who can join and who gets awards. If the Oscars ain’t doing it for you anymore, then make something better.

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