Dystopia Rising : Something You Have Been Waiting For


If you love post apocalyptic zombie stories then you’re in luck because Dystopia Rising is a dream come true. The world has been ravaged by nuclear radiation that has mutated mankind into various strains of meta humans. It also brought the dead back to life.  Now the scraps of civilization are patched together throughout the world.

Turns out what sounds like AMC’s next big show or a pitch for Fallout 5 is actually a live-action roleplaying game with sites all over the U.S. so you and your zombie killing buddies can get up off the couch and actually go kill hordes of the undead.


Dystopia Rising has a lot of focus put into making its players really feel like they are in a zombie infested world. If you had any intention of getting your beauty sleep in between slaughtering the undead then you have another thing coming at these two day events.

It’s late at night and you’re tired from a long day of blood and guts so you lay your head down to try and recharge your batteries, when BAM, you’re attacked by 30 ravenous flesh eaters and you better hope you got some friends to save you because you’re about to be zombie food.

Get some gear



Nice, that should work.



Swords huh, that’s what you’re going with?


Sweet mother of god that’s a chainsaw sword, where did you even get the idea for that.


Yeah that’s about right. You’ll fit in just right around here. So you got your weapon, you’re gonna want some armor. Those undead aren’t pushovers, there’s a reason meta humans haven’t wiped them out yet.




That’ll work. But what if you really aren’t into all the bloodshed you just want to make weapons and armor, maybe you want to run a little inn for all the other players. There’s a place for you here, the fighters will always need people to make their gear and to fix it when it breaks, and everyone is always grateful for a skilled medic.

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Now that you and your friends are ready for a wasteland weekend go find a game near you. Spend your time battling hordes of monsters and raiders, socializing with new people, and living in a world where the only thing that’s keeping you alive is your wits, strengths, and allies. Try it out, you’ll meet some of the greatest people in the world.


You are also going to bear witness to some legitimately crazy sh*t. Just saying.

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My favorite moment had to be the time I was playing the opening game in Kentucky.

Im half way across the site when I hear 20-30 people screaming their heads off, so I take off in a full sprint to my inn, Burbon Holler. As I run up this dirt road on an absolutely sweltering morning, weapon in hand I see my cabin overflowing with people chanting. I push through them looking for the owner in the back room. The door shut behind me and I saw the boss hanging one foot out the window in a graceless escape attempt.

Turns out he was put in there because he refused to drink with them. Makes sense seeing how this group of yelling, weapon wielding, drunks were chanting. PEER PRESSURE! PEER PRESSURE!

But the best quote definitely goes to the man who shouted ” WE’RE GONNA BUILD A WALL AND THE NECROPOLIS IS GONNA PAY FOR IT”

If you are in the Kentucky area or a fan of horror I highly recommend checking them out.

If you’ve ever played tell us at Chaostrophic what was your craziest experience.


Written by: OrangeKangaroo

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