EA Causes An Internet Uproar Over Horribly Handled Microtransactions in ‘Star Wars: Battlefront 2’, Gets Most Down-Voted Reddit Comment of All Time



EA, the gaming juggernaut that is known for its price gouging techniques and destroying your favorite gaming studios, is making headlines after their disastrous handling of the Star Wars brand. Unfortunately companies like EA have no desire to deliver you a clean and finished product. They’re vampires, and they’d rather suck you dry through microtransatcions and pay walls.

Don’t be fooled by the title of EA’s upcoming ‘Star Wars: Battlefront 2’ because the EA ‘Battlefront’ games are connected to the original games by name only. The games are stripped back, soul-less, shells of the original titles that literally only exist so that EA can cash in on the Disney ‘Star Wars’ hype.

The most recent dumpster fire lit by EA is the ‘Battlefront 2’ “progression” system, which is directly tied to real currency.

Before microtransactions progression systems in shooters were tied to experience which was awarded at the end of matches based on individual player performance. EA has decided to replace that instead with a system that awards all players the same number of credits at the end of a round, completely removing any element of skill. Someone could be AFK for an entire match and make the same credits as the MVP.

Here’s the kicker though. Players can spent credits on either RNG loot crates or locked content. The loot crates serve as a substitute for normal progression, things that would be unlocked using XP in other games. These can be bought with real money, making ‘Battlefront 2’ a literal pay-to-win game.

EA further forces you to spend real money on these crates by locking content behind huge pay walls.

Want to play Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker? That’s going to cost 120,000 credits, which is roughly 80 hours of gameplay. While you’re saving up for those two heroes you’ll have to buy the normal progression crates with your own money.


EA sucks and is forcing you to pay money to unlock content that should already be unlocked or should otherwise be unlocked through gameplay. Heroes are locked behind a massive paywall.

At the beginning of the outrage EA’s community manager for ‘Star Wars: Battlefront 2’ made the poor decision to try to discredit those complaining about EA’s price-gouging.

The tweet was deleted soon after and the author has since removed their title from their Twitter account.

EA responds to complaints regarding locked content and microtransactions.

This comment achieved the crowning achievement of being the MOST down-voted comment in the history of Reddit.


EA then proceeded to post a ‘Pay-to-Win’ bundle on the ingame store.

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