Each State’s Most Embarrassing Google Search Terms


The people behind the real estate blog Estately are always trying to contextualize data in new and interesting ways before presenting their findings in handy map form.

This time around, the site took a more subjective and qualitative approach to data interpretation by poring over 11 years worth of internet searches, finding what weird things were queried most frequently, and listing the most embarrassing Google search terms for each state.

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Here’s a summation of data culled from my home state of New Jersey. It feels a little on the nose:

NEW JERSEY: Ashley Madison (website for affairs) / pubic lice / Jonas Brothers lyrics / frosted tips

Analysis: Maybe your wife won’t sleep with you because you frost your tips, recite Jonas Brother lyrics, and your body is prime habitat for nasty crotch critters?

And here are the most frequent unsettling search terms for my current home state of New York. Not sure I traded up when I moved.

Donald Trump (blowhard) / Hugh Grant (actor) / magic lessons / Shake Weight (exercise device) / Snuggie Sutra / chlamydia / Gwyneth Paltrow (organic colonic promoter)

I also used to live in Pennsylvania and judging by these search terms, half the state should be in jail:

“Celebrity Boxing” (TV show) / Furry Convention / Donald Trump quotes / hipster quiz / “The Apprentice” (reality TV show) / Limp Bizkit lyrics / Good Charlotte lyrics / Goo Goo Dolls (band) / Maroon 5 (band) / devil sticks (those sticks hippies juggle in parking lots at concerts) / patchouli oil

You can look up whatever messed up things the denizens of your state are trying to learn about here.

Each State’s Most Embarrassing Google Search Terms


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