Early Concept Art From 6 Cartoons That’ll Have You Saying “Neat!”


All our favorite cartoons have to start somewhere and that somewhere is usually a blob of their future self. Not really surprising as, once it leaves the creators hands, it gets refined down by an entire studio’s worth of artists and animators. Either way, it’s awesome to see where our favorite characters started. Here’s some examples from 6 of our favorite cartoons.

1. Futurama

Via jacareadam

2. Simpsons

3. Gravity Falls



Grunkle Stan:

Via Brigette B


4. Fairly Odd Parents

Via FairlyOddParentsWikia

Via FairlyOddParentsWikia

Via FairlyOddParentsWikia

5.Adventure Time

Via herocomplex

Via AdventureTimeWikia

6. Steven Universe

Via io9

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