Earthquake Hits During Gamer’s WoW Livestream, He Doesn’t Give A F*ck



As I’m sure you’ve heard in the news, New Zealand was recently hit by one of the country’s biggest earthquakes for years– but that didn’t stop one gamer from soldiering on with World of Warcraft

Delrio Sierra accidentally live-streamed the disaster online while playing World of Warcraft with friends. Understandably, the dude freaks out when he realises there’s an earthquake going on around him, but he does his best to keep playing.


While Sierra’s clearly seems pretty panicked about the situation, his teammates don’t really seem to care, encouraging him to keep playing, joking: ‘No-one cares if you live or die’ – something Sierra later clarified was just a bit of banter between mates, and not really out of the ordinary for them.

Sierra does do his utmost to keep a clear head and stay at his keyboard – but before long he has to concede to nature, and makes to leave the room and check on his girlfriend.

You can see the full incident for yourself in the video below.

The man himself explains the situation on YouTube:

I tried to keep playing as we tend to have a few earthquakes, and Odyn progression is pretty important! Sadly, due to my panic i missed a few mechanics and the healers were distracted by my panic which led to my in-game death at which point my Girlfriend yelled for me to take cover.

Thankfully, both he and his girlfriend were fine in the end. In fact, his partner – who is clearly more hardcore than even he is – actually went back to bed until they were told to evacuate.

If you want anyone in your Guild, it’s almost certainly someone willing to play on in the middle of a natural disaster.

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