EASILY The Best Stripper Pole Dancing Routine Ever Witnessed

A few years ago there was a big push to make pole dancing an Olympic event. I’m sure plenty of dudes have opinions on whether pole dancing — a popular fitness routine for ladies in some circles — could actually classify as a sport. Personally, I thought the idea of pole dancing as an Olympic sport was stupid until I realized that synchronized swimming and rhythmic gymnastic with a ribbon are pretty big stretches for being “sports” as well.

It’s *probably* never going to happen. BUT, this stripper working the pole while off-the-clock at some empty strip club is seriously impressive. It’s arguably the best pole dancing routine I’ve ever witnessed.

She’s pretty much the Michael Phelps of pole dancing. Give her the gold already, for AMERICA. She’s got it on lock.

EASILY The Best Stripper Pole Dancing Routine Ever Witnessed


3 replies on “EASILY The Best Stripper Pole Dancing Routine Ever Witnessed”

Brilliant- I posted one a few years back with a very elegant dancer. This really should be an Olympic sport- a branch of gymnastics.

Nope, I’ve seen LOTS better than this routine.

And yep, it almost should be in the Olympics, Madduck.

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