This Is Easily The Worst 20 Seconds Of Soccer Ever Played

This Is Easily The Worst 20 Seconds Of Soccer Ever Played

Everyone loves a good sports highlight: A skillful, improbable athletic achievement. But we also all love a good train wreck, and Italian sports magazine l’Ultimo Uomo recently crowned this short clip from a 1993 match between Manchester City and Queens Park Rangers as soccer’s worst ever 20 seconds. And we have to agree:

It’s worth reading l’Ultimo Uomo’s breakdown of the play (roughly translated by Google), which includes such gems as:

  • How did number 4 hit the ball so badly?… One moment, I have to deal with it.
  • If I had to figure out how football was in the 90s, only [based on] these 20 seconds I would say that you could play in two ways: stop, or run as fast as possible.

Redditors over on r/soccer have been busy sharing some other contenders, are there are some true gems, including this absolute gem between Sheffield United and Norwich in 1997:


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