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Elite Escort, Lana Jade, Bares All About Things People Ask For In The Bedroom

Elite Escort, Lana Jade, Bares All About Things People Ask For In The Bedroom


While most people spend their Monday heading to the office and talking to their co-workers about their weekends, escort Lana Jade is checking her schedule to see which clients she’ll be seeing for the week.

The 28-year-old sex worker from Sydney offers her services to men, women and couples, with prices starting at $700 for an hour of her time.

But the brunette told Daily Mail Australia that while people have pre-conceived ideas of what it’s like to be an escort, there are many things that would surprise them.

“Most gentlemen are interested in a bit of a connection, not just a primal act,” the 26-year-old explained. “They don’t just call me up when they’re feeling horny.


“It would surprise people… A large number of clients prefer a passionate experience over a robotic ‘wham bam thank you ma’am’ type.”

In fact, she says sometimes bookings don’t even involve sex, but other types of intimacy.

“A lot of people want to be cuddled and kissed. I’ve had quite a few bookings where they don’t want sex, they just want kissing or other things,’ Jade said.

While some men who spend time with her do want a sexually charged session, Jade said that many just want to feel appreciated, or even talked to

“Some men simply want to escape reality for a while, the lure of being with an attractive woman whose goal for that time is to make him feel good is rather tempting,’ she explained.


“It’s almost like a carefree alternate reality, he can forget about his day to day troubles and relax for a short while,” she said.

“Some however, like to go through their issues with you, a therapy session of sorts, someone to listen without giving a bias opinion, someone just to talk about their problems with.

“The skill of an escort comes into play when she reads her client to know what experience she is catering for. Some simply want a sexual charged session so knowing when to stop talking and pander towards the clients desires is key.”

Another thing that might surprise people is how many couples book female escorts, with the 28-year-old frequently spending time with people in long term relationships.

“The couples I get are quite young,” Jade said. “Usually in their 20s and 30s, in long term relationships.

“It’s quite fun, often the woman has never experimented before, so the couple are trying something together.”


But she does also see people in relationships, mainly men, whose partners don’t know that they’re paying for sex.

“Men see sex workers for no one particular reason, some are lacking intimacy in their relationships, perhaps their wives don’t want to have sex or don’t have the time, but they still love their wives so to fill the sexual quota they need they choose, a no strings attached paid encounter,” she explained.

The thing that she thinks will surprise people the most, however, is exactly how much sex is had in each booking.

“The biggest preconceived idea is the entire booking time is made up of sex,” the 28-year-old said.

“The extended bookings of three hours or more are a lot less about sex and more about connection.”


This is one of the reasons Lana says that men see high-end escorts, because they want to be able to have a conversation with the sex worker.

“They’re looking for the personality, common ground, and a genuine connection,” she explained.

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