English Woman Believes A ‘Man-Hating’ Ghost Is Haunting Her And Scaring Her Boyfriends Away

This is an early frontrunner for my favorite headline of the year.

Tracy Proctor from the UK may want to call Bill Murray and the rest of the Ghostbusters, because it seems she has a super jealous ghost in her house. The 52-year-old caregiver believes her house is haunted by a “protective” man-hating ghost who has chased away not only all the male guests, but all her boyfriends away, too. And this has apparently been happening for the last 14 years.


This spirit makes his presence very known, as according to Proctor he moves around her keys and e-cigarettes. But that’s probably a good thing, because the spirit is probably telling her e-cigarettes will never be cool. But this gets more bizarre — Proctor says that the spirit keeps pulling down the underwear of her antique dolls. I know, who has antique dolls?

Take a look at this video below to see a white orb appear during an interview with Proctor.

“Many men have been driven out from my home,” Proctor tells Daily Mail. “It does seem to affect the males around me because of what has happened with my sons and partners. It has definitely stopped me having relationships and if I meet someone then I know what is going to happen and that I am not going to see them again if they come back to mine.”

Or maybe she’s nutty? Hey, just offering up another reason.

And guess what? Proctor is totally OK with this spirit and its man-hating ways now.

But for me it’s quite a nice feeling actually because when I am feeling low, I can feel like a cloak coming over me and it is like the spirit is protecting me.

Other people might not be interested in it and think that I am quite crazy but it seems to have looked after me while I have been in this house and nothing bad has ever happened.

So Proctor is now in love with a ghost. Well, I guess that’s a happy ending. But honestly…


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