English Woman Trying To Sell Her Dresses On eBay Keeps Getting Creepy Messages From Guys

English Woman Trying To Sell Her Dresses On eBay Keeps Getting Creepy Messages From Guys

Remember a little while back we told you about a dude who used his Yelp reviews as an opportunity to show off his wife’s goods? Well, perhaps the woman in this story used eBay in order to show off her goods. Hey, that’s just a guess. Let us fill you in.

Katherine Macpherson, a 42-year-old English mom, decided to go ahead and model a few dresses she was interested in selling on eBay. But instead of getting bids and offers on her dresses, she instead got a batch of creepy messages by dudes who were interested in her, and not the dresses.

Here’s one photo of Macpherson modeling the dress.


Now I don’t know what is suppose to be the focus here: Macpherson’s dress or…nevermind.

Here’s what Macpherson had to say to The Sun.

“I’m not ashamed of my body. I don’t cover up but people should control themselves.

One person who sent me several unanswered messages and then became more insistent before sending me a picture of his penis was on my blocked bidder list and should not have been able to contact me but somehow still managed it.

I reported him and was informed by eBay that if they received any more complaints from other users they may consider suspending his account.”

Macpherson is correct, people should control themselves. And people shouldn’t send folks photos of their junk on eBay. That’s just sad. Now, anyone interested in this dress?


Machpherson added this:

“I sell dresses and other clothing which I think is better marketed by being pictured worn. The eBay community’s answer to this is that because I use myself as my model that ‘I’m asking for it’ and ‘what do you expect’.”

No one deserves this or asks for this, so those dudes that continue to harass her are pretty pathetic. But I should probably ask again, does anyone want this dress?

A representative for Ebay did chime in on this: “This is something we call member to member communication. eBay takes this very seriously and if there are any allegations of harassment that is something we will look into and take action on.”

Pretty general statement.

Well, here’s hoping this mess clears up, and here’s hoping Macpherson sells a dress or two. I’m going to go out on a limb and say she will.


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