Entitled Children Expect To Inherit Dad’s Savings, Dad Sets Kids Straight

2 replies on “Entitled Children Expect To Inherit Dad’s Savings, Dad Sets Kids Straight”

My grandfather used his will to manipulate his kids into paying him respect.

My father told us we can expect nothing and urged us down the path of making lots of money. I ended up as an investment banker and my brother has a small income making stickers. On the other hand, he helps me out and helps my brother less.

Successful approach? We both probably have regrets. I’ve burned out and my body is a mess. I nearly died a few times due to ill health.

In my family, we don’t discuss family wealth and encourage career, but I won’t let my kids kill themselves with stress. I don’t know what’s the best way and am muddling through.

Unless you stand to inherit more than you can spend in a lifetime or two, retirement homes, medical care and inheritance tax will probably take it all and if it doesn’t, your kids had better be successful.

If Trump’s father hadn’t bankrolled his useless ass we would have all been saved this last four years of misery.

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