Entitled Neighbor Expects Tree Removal For Better View

2 replies on “Entitled Neighbor Expects Tree Removal For Better View”

I have one. Living on the hill up behind me. The neighbours have caught him jumping fences and hammering copper nails into tree when he thinks they’re not home. I also have some large trees that now, will never be pruned. And I have spoken loudly with his neighbour about my military experience and how good I am with a compound bow. So far, no damage.

My neighbor thought it was OK to raise 50+ fighting roosters, all tied to a stake next to their little shelter. 50 roosters going off all day and night is hard to get used to. He let all the hens run wild which meant they were constantly in my yard and even killed my laying hens. After getting fed up with this crap I began shooting every chicken that trespassed onto my property, feeding my cats with the kill and there wasn’t a damn thing he could do about it..

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