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Epic Photoshop Battle Commences As Man Buys First Legal Non-Medical Marijuana

Epic Photoshop Battle Commences As Man Buys First Legal Non-Medical Marijuana



What better excuse for a Reddit Photoshop battle than the joyful expression on this man’s face as he buys the first legal marijuana?

The unknown man bought his non-medical weed with a stack of notes in the state of Colorado back in 2014. Overnight, he became a viral sensation for looking terrified, feverish and itching for a joint.

He looks just like a kid in a candy shop… Or a strip club, according to this, the highest performing feat of Photoshop trickery doing the rounds again on Reddit.


His poker face is going to get him into some hot water.

Don’t gamble while stoned, kids:


The stoner was way out of his element here.

He should’ve stuck with Malia Obama instead:


Clever editors have positioned the man in your totally normal situation in which money changes hands.

It is titled ‘A Simple Job Interview’:


But apparently drugs and the criminal underbelly stil go together like a wink and a smile.

This one is a real stick up:


Smoke responsibly – you know, surrounded by flame retardant materials.

In this scene, the guy blazed too hard:


This photoshopped image offers a politically topical twist on the original request.

It totally explains why the Presidential candidates have been acting so strangely; they’re clearly high:


Some computer whizzes have placed the man in more familiar but more covert drug deal settings.

This valiant effort with MS Paint earns its place on the Reddit feed:


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