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Escaped Inmate Orders Beer, Asks Bar Owner to Call Cops

Escaped Inmate Orders Beer, Asks Bar Owner to Call Cops


If you’d escaped from jail and been on the lam for a week, grown exhausted and hungry, and decided to turn yourself in, wouldn’t you want to have a beer first? That’s what police say Shaun Higham did Tuesday night. The 45-year-old was in Arkansas’ Logan County jail on an aggravated robbery charge when he picked a lock and fled on June 28, police say. On Tuesday night, a driver called police to report someone matching Higham’s description walking along a road; shortly after, while police were searching the area, the owner of a nearby bar called with even more interesting news.


It seems Higham turned up at Mitch’s Place still wearing his prison uniform, which was dirty, Arkansas Online reports. He ordered a beer and asked the bar owner to contact the sheriff. The bar owner told police Higham wanted to turn himself in, and they arrived to find Higham drinking the beer. “He was very cooperative and apologetic. He was also tired, hungry, and eat up with insect bites,” the sheriff’s department writes on Facebook. He is facing “numerous additional charges” now.



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