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Ethan Couch’s Mom Paid His Mexican Strip Club Tab


A big dog, a gentleman’s club, a forgotten firearm—just a typical hotel stay for a teen with affluenza, apparently. Before being arrested in Mexico on Monday,Ethan Couch and his mom Tonya stayed a few nights at the Los Tules resort in Puerto Vallarta, where their behavior was odd, to say the least. A resort employee tells the Dallas Morning News that Ethan went to a “gentleman’s club” one night but didn’t have enough money to cover his tab. She says a club manager and waiter brought him back to the resort, where she had to wake up his mother to pay his bill. The mother-son duo also apparently forgot to take their gun out of the nightstand when they switched rooms, according to ABC News. It was found by the next guest, and Ethan had to retrieve it from resort staff.

The resort employee offers another odd tidbit: “I knew them only as the Texans because that’s the only thing they’d tell me when I asked for their names: ‘We’re from Texas.'” They also failed to complete hotel registrations or show their ID, and paid in cash. When they did partially complete registration forms, Ethan appeared to misspell his own name as “Edthan,” according to ABC. Ethan and Tonya reportedly brought their large dog to the resort with them. And according to CBS DFW, the pooch may have helped them avoid immediate deportation. “The Couches claimed [the dog] was wrongfully taken from them and therefore their arrest, they claimed, was unlawful,” CBS states. It didn’t work for long. Tonya was deported Wednesday, and Ethan’s deportation is on the horizon.



Ethan Couch’s Mom Paid His Mexican Strip Club Tab

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