Even Emo Singers Allegedly Have Sex Cults These Days –

I think the last thing I was ever prepared to write about is the lead singer of a moderately successful mid-2000s emo band would be the leader of a sex cult, but oh what stranger days are these. But that’s exactly what The Daily Beast alleges in an expose about William Francis (stage name William Control), the ex-lead singer of Aiden, a band I’m willing to bet you’ve never heard of unless you were a 16-year-old girl who listed “cutting myself” as an interest on MySpace.

William Control has released multiple albums and toured extensively in the U.S. and U.K., cultivating an image that deals extensively in BDSM themes and imagery. The William Control websites link to his brand, Submit Clothing; a 2015 interview with the musician is titled “Dark Meets Domineering.” But according to accusations made by multiple women, Francis only purported to practice BDSM; in fact, they claim, he physically and emotionally abused women, ordered many of them to get matching tattoos of his initials, and even demanded contracts from his sexual partners or “slaves,” signed in their own blood. An excerpt from a pledge obtained by The Daily Beast reads, “My body is His to use in any way He should choose, and I will never object to any actions He chooses to perform, or have myself perform on Him. There is no limitation to what kind of pain I am willing to endure for my Master.”

Who would have thought a guy who called himself “William Control” would be accused of being the leader of a sex cult. This is the most shocking sexual misconduct allegation since all those altar boys accused Father McBadtouch of being a little too free with the communion wine.

I don’t know why anyone would want to have any sort of BDSM relationship with the lead singer of an emo band. Imagine being in bed and yelling “Spank me harder, guy who sang ‘Hey There, Delilah’!” As much as I like Weezer, I can’t imagine Rivers Cuomo spanking anyone who doesn’t immediately laugh in his face.

In addition to the allegations of brutal abuse under the guise of BDSM and the matching tattoos, the women who talked to The Daily Beast also alleged Francis was making the women in his harem send him money or take jobs to earn money for him as a form of “financial domination” which isn’t a real thing no matter what the women making you farm bitcoin and give her your credit card says.

Control denied that anything happened that wasn’t consensual in a Facebook post earlier this month, before announcing he was withdrawing from public life the next day. I’m sure that being an emo singer whose career peaked roughly the same time everyone got sick of Paramore made that withdrawal much easier.

I have seen the latest controversy floating around the internet regarding the same allegations from last year.

The truth is: I went into the police for questioning about these allegations earlier this year. After showing the detective my side of the story, including private communication, he recommended no charges be pressed, because it was clear the behavior was consensual.

I have, in the past, engaged in heavy role play and bondage relationships WITH consent. However, I do not engage in that sort of play anymore. And for anyone who feels as though I have hurt them or violated their consent, I am sorry. It won’t ever happen again.

There are lots of things that have been said that are outright lies. I have never been with underage girls. I have never been involved in a “sex cult.”

I work all-day every-day in the print shop or in the recording studio making stuff for the fans. I spend my evenings with my wife and son hanging out playing Nintendo or watching cartoons. I haven’t been on the road in almost a year. My life just isn’t that interesting. I’m sorry, I wish it were.

Please stop harassing and sending death threats to my wife my son. That is way out of line.


Have you ever noticed that the people who run sex cults are never the people whose sex cult you’d want to be in, aside from Allison Mack? And I mean, she wasn’t even the leader of the NXIVM cult, she was just the brainwashed bottom bitch to a dude who looks like a bargain basement Kevin Sorbo.

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