22 MCU Superheroes Ranked, Weakest To Strongest


With the release of Thor: Ragnarok and the impending fight between Hulk and Thor, we will once again see heroes fighting each other in the MCU. Previously, we saw this in Captain America: Civil War, and both clashes raise an interesting question, who beats who? Or rather, which MCU hero is the strongest of them all?

There are quite a lot of heroes at this point in the MCU, and with more than 15 movies and over 7 TV shows, there’s much to process. Instead of getting too crazy and analyzing, every hero in the MCU, let’s establish a few rules.

First off, we’re only including heroes with superpowers or some kind of enhancement that puts them above regular humans, so characters like Black Widow and Hawkeye are out. Second, only heroes who have premiered in the MCU, so Captain Marvel is out. Third, only heroes who are “main players” of sorts, meaning those who are either main protagonists or have been in multiple films as a supporting character (also have to be alive, so no Quicksilver). Lastly, we’re ranking these heroes by how powerful they are – meaning how strong their abilities or enhancements are, their fighting ability, and how much potential they have in a fight.


As cool as being able to control your hair sounds, it’s kind of weak in the long run. Inhumans‘ Medusa might be able to combat enemies and throw things with her super strong hair, but that’s about it. Aside from turning her hair into a set of extra limbs, Medusa’s powers are kind of lame, especially when compared to her husband’s destructive voice, as well as the rest of the MCU.

Medusa is a skilled combatant and knows exactly how to use her powers, but the fact that her hair can still be cut means her powers aren’t all that powerful and can be rendered useless rather easily. She is also skilled at hand to hand, but has had to resort to trickery to win some fights. All things considered, the queen of the Inhumans is probably the weakest superhero in the MCU.


Sam Wilson might be a skilled soldier in his own right, good enough to be one of the few test pilots for the EXO-7 Falcon wing harness, but his enhancements are perhaps the weakest of all the Avengers tech. Without the Falcon suit, Sam is incredibly acrobatic, able to handle the constant movement of flight, an expert marksman, and is trained in military martial arts.

With the suit, Falcon has the ability to fly, making him a threat from above. He’s also armed with various automatic firearms in different incarnations of his wing suit, as well as his Redwing drone. Though he sports some pretty cool tech, he’s far from the same level as Iron Man or War Machine, placing him near the bottom of the MCU.


What? Daredevil is stronger than Falcon? Yes, and we’ll explain why. Daredevil might be blind, but his other senses are increased to superhuman levels. Matt can sense even the slightest changes in air density and temperate, making him a human sonar on both a large and small scale. If we were to pit Daredevil against Falcon, he might be able to sense the weak points in Sam’s fight harness and disarm it.

Further, in Daredevil we’ve seen Matt practically dodge bullets by hearing the hammer click and “feeling” where the bullet will be.

All that said, Daredevil is still just a human. He might be an expert martial artist, acrobat, and gymnast, but that will only get you so far in a world where Thor and Captain America exist. He’s definitely strong enough to take on street-level thugs and even some superhuman enemies, but Daredevil still ranks pretty low in the larger scale of things.


Like Daredevil, Danny Rand is for the most part, human. Sure, he can be considered superhuman because of his chi control, but otherwise he’s just some guy. However, his martial arts ability paired with the power of the Iron Fist help bump him up the list a bit. Trained from childhood, Danny is a master martial artist and swordsman who became so skilled that he was chosen to wield the power of the Iron First.

In both Iron Fist and The Defenders we’ve seen Danny effortlessly defeat some of the Hand’s strongest fighters, including some that could be considered superhuman. As the Iron First, Danny has the ability to harness and control his body’s chi, internal energy that he can manifest in the form of the Iron Fist punch, chi blasts, and chi healing. Pretty impressive, but he doesn’t always know how to use his skills.


Jessica Jones‘ super strength puts her in a class above Daredevil and Iron Fist, and what she lacks in martial arts training, she more than makes up for in superpowers. Aside from her super strength, which makes her strong enough to lift a car, Jessica has increased speed (due to her strength), increased durability, can heal from injuries much faster than others and has been shown jumping great heights.

She might not be trained in kung fu, but Jessica can quickly end a fight with her massive strength. However, at the end of the day, Jessica’s strength is not on the same level of the top-tier superheroes. Jones might be one of the strongest Defenders, but she doesn’t stand a chance against the Avengers, and is definitely outmatched by…


Where Jessica Jones just has super strength, Luke Cage seems to be even stronger and has bulletproof skin. Cage has been shown stopping a car by punching it, has survived a thirty-foot fall, and can walk through gunfire without a single injury. On top of this, Luke is also a former Marine, police officer and was the champion of an underground prison fighting ring. Suffice to say, Luke Cage is easily the strongest of all the Defenders.

However, Luke’s bulletproof skin doesn’t make him indestructible. Though he heals quickly, it is only Luke’s skin that is impenetrable, and he seems to be susceptible to internal injury, though his skin makes it less likely. That said, were Luke to face some of the heavy hitters of the Avengers, his bulletproof skin might not be enough to protect him, placing him in the lower tier of the rankings.


He might not be indestructible, but the Winter Soldier has got quite a bit to place him above Luke Cage.  Originally known as Bucky Barnes, he was thought dead after falling into an icy river. He was “rescued” by Hydra and turned into a killing machine.

Given the same super soldier serum as Captain America, Bucky gained low-level superhuman strength, speed, durability, and advanced healing. Add to this his bionic arm and the Winter Soldier is a force to be reckoned with.

What puts him above the others is the very thing that he tries to escape; his brainwashing. Hear us out: when the Winter Solider is under the command of his brainwashing, he is focused, undeterred, and lacks any sort of morals or decision-making that would hold others back. Given the right equipment, Bucky could take out all the Defenders.


Spider-Man might be one of the few heroes in the MCU with actual superpowers, but by comparison, he’s kind of weak. Spidey’s powers include the proportionate strength of a spider, wall-crawling, increased speed and durability, superhuman agility and enhanced senses. Combined together, these abilities make Peter Parker a pretty tough opponent, but in comparison to the other Avengers, they come up a bit short.

That said, Spider-Man was shown taking out the likes of Falcon and the Winter Soldier with ease thanks to both his senses and his quick-thinking. One of Spider-Man’s great attributes is his intelligence. His smarts get him out of tough situations, though his inexperience is usually what gets him into trouble in the first place – lowering his rank quite a bit.


Remember how we said that Spider-Man’s inexperience was a weakness? Well, that’s exactly why he “lost” to Cap in Civil War. Though Peter is smart, Captain America is a master combat strategist, one of the reasons he was chosen for the super soldier program. The program turned Steve Rogers into the “perfect specimen,” pushing his physical capabilities beyond the peak of human potential.

Though not quite “super,” Cap’s strength, speed, and durability are enhanced beyond a normal human, putting him in the “early stages” of superhuman. Take that as you will, but it means that Cap is essentially a supercharged olympic athlete with enhanced intelligence to boot. Throw that in with his master martial arts ability and mastery of his Vibranium shield, and Cap stands at the top of the lower-tier heroes of the MCU


This was a tough one to decide, since Black Panther and Captain America are pretty evenly matched in most ways. Both have the same level of “enhanced strength,” meaning slightly superhuman, same goes for their speed, durability, and reflexes. Further, both heroes also wield Vibranium in some form, which is actually where Black Panther comes out on top.

Where Cap only uses a small shield made of the kinetic-force-absorbing metal, T’Challa wears a full-body Vibranium suit. The Black Panther Habit makes T’Challa indestructible by most standards, increasing his strength and durability. Not to mention Vibranium is a natural export of his country, and we can assume he knows more about he substance than Cap does, so he definitely knows how to better use it.

Cap and Black Panther come close, but T’Challa has been shown overpowering him before, and he can do it again.


This one might seem like a strange choice, but all things considered, Ant-Man brings a lot to a battle. Heck, we had to stop ourselves from putting Scott Lang in above Iron Man since he’s managed to temporality stop the armored hero. With the help Hank Pym’s size-changing technology, Ant-Man is an incredibly formidable enemy.

Ignoring the possibly incorrect science of the Ant-Man suit, shrinking down increases Scott’s density, allowing him to hit with the same strength of his normal size. At the size of an ant, Ant-Man can punch with the force of a bullet, which, paired with the natural stealth of being an inch tall, shoot up Ant-Mans power rank. Plus, he can control ants and carries the Pym Particle disks which he can throw at anything to shrink or grow them.

Lastly, Ant-Man’s latest weapon is being able to grow to giant sizes, increasing his strength and durability.


Like Iron Man, War Machine’s abilities are the result of his armor, but that doesn’t make him any less powerful. While wearing the War Machine armor, Rhodey is given superhuman strength — enough to “lift a tank” — superhuman reflexes, flight up to mach 3 speeds, and an entire arsenal of offensive and defensive weapons. Sounds pretty powerful, enough to perhaps evenly match him with Iron Man, but he falls short on a few fronts.

Rhodey is a highly decorated Air Force Colonel thanks to his expert piloting skills, strategizing and marksmanship. However, not all of these apply when wearing the War Machine Armor, and though he’s smart, he’s not as much of an expert with the suit as Tony. Rhodey’s gotten better, but his arsenal is much sparser and he does not have as much experience piloting the armor.


It’s not just Tony Stark’s intelligence that makes him one of the most formidable and powerful superheroes in the MCU, it’s his work ethic. It sounds like a joke, but it’s true. Tony’s ability to constantly improve, fine-tune and upgrade his armors is what makes him a force to be reckoned with.

Even if we’re dismissing his massive arsenal of Iron Man suits from Iron Man 3, since he blew them up, Tony still has a plethora of weapons at his command.

Aside from the basic armors we’ve seen in the Avengers movies and in Civil War, there’s also the Hulk-buster to consider, as well as Tony’s complete mastery of piloting his suits. Again, he might not have the suits from Iron Man 3, but remember how easily he could switch from armor to armor and how skillfully he employed each of their strengths and special abilities?

All that considered, combined with all the “mini-suits” he makes (the transforming watch thing and the like), Iron Man is incredibly powerful for a non-powered superhero.


Hear us out on this one. Though Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. might not be many fans’ favorite part of the MCU, it’s featured some of the MCU’s most powerful super-powered heroes. Daisy Johnson, AKA Quake is one of those heroes.

Given the ability to manipulate vibrations after being exposed to a Terrigen mist, Quake is an incredible destructive force. She tops the likes of Iron Man with the pure destruction she capable of. She has shown the ability to shatter firearms with her vibration abilities, cause seismic events, shoot concussive blasts, and even create forcefields of sorts.

Daisy has trained hard to harness these abilities, but the nature of her powers is rather unpredictable. Though she can control certain aspects of them, vibrations are naturally unstable, making precision difficult. Though this makes her more destructive, and thus more powerful, the nature of her powers keeps her firmly at number nine on this list.


Like Quake, Black Bolt’s naturally destructive powers are what make him so powerful in the scale of the MCU. He far outranks his wife Medusa, as well as most of the MCU with his power: a hypersonic voice that is capable of immense destruction.

Black Bolt’s Inhuman vocal chords are so powerful that even a grunt was shown to be capable of flipping over a police car. Black Bolt has forced himself to be completely mute, since his powers cannot be decreased or turned off.

If a grunt was able to flip a car, then Black Bolt’s voice has incredible potential, and it wouldn’t be a stretch to say he could sonically rip Iron Man’s armor from his body with a single word.

Heck, he would be even higher on this list were it not for his lack of control over the ability. Sure, he knows how to keep it in check, but he seems to lack precision.


When we start to get into supernatural and magical territory, things get cranked up to 11. For example, we’ve yet to see just how powerful Ghost Rider’s demonic abilities can be, and what limits the might have. Robbie Reyes is the second person to host the spirit of Vengeance, having received the supernatural power from the previous host, Johnny Blaze.

As the spirit of vengeance, Robbie gains a series of supernatural abilities including super strength, superhuman durability, a regenerate healing factor, pyrokinesis, being able to look into someone’s soul and teleportation/inter-dimensional travel.

These abilities are powerful enough on their own, but the demonic nature of Robbie’s powers mean there is quite possibly much more we’ve yet to see. Add to this his powered-up car, and Robbie could easily take out a huge chunk of the MCU heroes.


Speaking of mystical powers, Vision sort of falls into that category since he’s powered by the cosmic energy of the Mind stone. This stone combined with his synthetic android body, made with Vibranium, makes Vision one of the MCU’s strongest heroes.

Vision’s long list of powers includes super strength, intangibility, durability, flight, energy blasts (from his mind stone), and a sort of low-level shapeshifting (he can create clothes and other extensions of his body).

All of these abilities make Vision a formidable foe in battle, and in Age of Ultron he was shown taking down dozens of Ultron drones with ease. With this kind of power, Vision could dominate his fellow heroes, especially since he’s able to lift Thor’s hammer. Seriously, think about how much stronger he’d be if he used that thing!


Scarlet Witch earns a spot above Vision for two reasons. One, she was able to take over his mind stone and overpower him in Civil War, and two, she has freaking telekinesis! The latter is a huge factor in her ranking since telekinesis is like having all the superpowers.

Though they’re a bit rough around the edges, her psionic abilities allow her to levitate, project force-fields, move objects with her mind on a molecular level, read thoughts, and manipulate the minds of others.

With these powerful abilities, Scarlet Witch could dominate other powered individuals in the MCU, especially with the help of her hypnosis-like mental manipulation. Whatever opponent she can’t take down with her telekinesis would easily fall victim to her telepathic attacks, putting her a cut above the rest.


“Sorcerer Supreme” is a pretty impressive title, and Doctor Strange holds it or a reason. With hard work and practice, Dr. Stephen Strange quickly became a master of the mystical arts. Like we said, when it comes to mystical and magical abilities, most competition goes out the door, since the potential of these abilities is essentially limitless.

Thanks to his mastery of sorcery, along with a few relics, Strange has the ability to teleport, fly, astral project, create weapons using Eldritch magic, and transmute matter.

He might not be an Asgardian god, but Strange’s abilities are far beyond most of the MCU. Armed with his cloak of levitation, sling ring, and the Eye of Agamotto, Doctor Strange is easily one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful human magic user, capable of manipulating time itself.

We can’t wait to see how these powers work alongside the other Avengers in Infinity War.


Thor is a god, plain and simple. He hails from the realm of Asgard and wields great power both with and without his hammer, Mjølnir.

As an Asgardian and son of Odin, Thor naturally has immense super strength — strong enough to lift cars and crush Iron Man’s armor — superhuman speed, nigh invulnerability, and regenerative healing. Without his hammer, Thor is already one of the strongest beings in the MCU, and with it, he truly becomes a god.

As the God of Thunder, Thor can naturally generate and control electricity, and while wielding Mjølnir, this turns into lightning manipulation as well as full weather control. He can also fly and even resurrect the dead with Mjølnir, making him one of the top three strongest heroes in the MCU.


Hulk and Thor have fought before in The Avengers, and it seems they’ll meet in combat once more in Thor: Ragnarock. Who knows how the fight will turn out, but we can easily say that The Hulk is stronger than Thor.

In terms of pure physical strength, The Hulk is without a doubt the strongest superhero in the MCU, strong enough to take out massive enemies with a single hit and able to get the upper hand on an actual god.

If that wasn’t enough, the Hulk also gets stronger the angrier he gets, so his strength is potentially limitless. And to top it off, The Hulk is also nearly indestructible, heals quickly, can run at superhuman speeds, and can fight for hours on end, possibly getting stronger as the fight goes on. In terms of physicality, The Hulk is second to none in the MCU.


This one is a bit of a curve ball, since the ending of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 sort of got rid of all of Star-Lord’s superpowers, but it still counts.

As the son of Ego, the living planet, Peter Quill has the powers of a Celestial. An ancient race, the Celestials are living planets with god-like abilities, powers that Quill also had before destroying Ego.

Star-Lord had complete control over energy and matter, able to create or manipulate pretty much anything that he could think of. With these powers, he could give himself any ability he wanted or project any attack he could think of, augmenting himself however saw fit.

To top it all off, as long as Ego remains alive, Star-Lord would be immortal. Unfortunately, it seems Quill is just a normal human now after he destroyed Ego, but while he had his powers, Star-Lord was undoubtedly the strongest hero in the MCU.


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