Everyone Is Scratching Their Heads At This Photo Of A Man ‘Levitating’ At A Gas Station

So what is the government not telling us?

Move over, David Blaine. This dude wearing some bold pants can also levitate.

I know there’s a trick to it when Blaine levitates, but it’s still pretty crazy to watch, as is usually everything that man does. But a photo posted on Reddit by this Redditor that shows some dude at a gas station looking like he is levitating off of the ground as obviously gone viral, as people found themselves confused as all hell.

 Let’s check out the photo below.

Now if you can’t figure out why this man looks like he’s floating in midair here’s the answer: that is not a shadow under him, but it is instead an oil stain next to his shoe that happens to be the same exact size as his shoe. Weird, huh?

At least, maybe that’s what the government wants you to believe, because another Redditor believes this is all part of a big conspiracy. Here’s what he said:

Don’t be fooled. He is lifting his right foot. The shadow under the left shoe shows it is planted. The right foot’s shoe is not flat, it’s curve shows what an unplanted shoe would return to without there being pressure on it. The right foot isn’t planted. OP is an idiot and secretly likes the awesome sweat pants.

Well damn, he might have a point…




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