Everything You Need To Know About Buddha Bowls

Everything You Need To Know About Buddha Bowls



If you’ve heard of Buddha bowls, you know they’re healthy, trendy and beautiful, but beyond that, you may not know what, exactly, is in them. Considering they’re going to be a BF deal in 2017, according to Pinterest, you should.

There are no strict guidelines when defining a Buddha Bowl—the proteins, vegetables, grains and dressing vary. In essence, it’s an overstuffed bowl resembling the belly of Buddha. That is the description you’ll find on, and it seems to be the closest thing to an official definition you’re going to get (at least for now).
Scrolling through recipes, you’ll notice that most bowls are loaded with a ton of different kinds of veggies, roasted or served raw. Many are vegetarian, maybe even vegan, but meat is allowed. All are served on a bed of whole grains (like rice or quinoa). The protein-packed concept is highly customizable, but if you’re looking for guidance, InStyle breaks it down as “15 percent lean protein, 25 percent whole grains, 35 percent vegetables, 10 percent sauce, and 30 percent extras, like nuts, seeds, or sprouts.” For our perfect bowl, we topped brown rice with roasted sweet potatoes, garlic-ginger chicken, baby spinach and avocado. The sauce? A peanut dressing made with peanut butter, lime, sesame oil and soy sauce. It’s life-changing.
Starting to think they look and sound strangely similar to Hippie Bowls, Sunshine Bowls or Macro Bowls? That’s because they are. If there’s any distinct difference, it remains unclear. So whether you choose to channel your inner flower child or inner Buddha while you’re drizzling a tahini sauce over perfectly sliced avocado and roasted sweet potatoes, doesn’t matter. The end result is every bit as Instagram-worthy—and delish.

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