‘Evidence’ Found In Bible That The World Will End In 2017

‘Evidence’ Found In Bible That The World Will End In 2017

Two weeks ago we saw a lunar eclipse, snow moon and New Year comet grace our skies. Depending on who you ask, it was either a dazzling celestial light show, or a grim warning that the world is coming to an end.

According to the Bible, it’s time to make your peace with Jesus – the three events were a clear warning that the human race’s time on Earth is almost up. And there’s more ‘evidence’ to back up the theory.

Christian website Signs of the End Times says the recent spike in natural disasters, earthquakes and mass animal deaths are all clues that foretell our impending doom.

The website writes:

Never has there been a time before when all these events were evident in so many diverse places and with such frequency and intensity.

Our generation is the first generation to fulfil all the biblical signs.

Without doubt we are living in the final year.

The Biblical chapter of Hosea, chapter 4 verse 3, says one sign will be the mass loss of life on Earth. Pointing out the sudden deaths of species of bats, fish and honey bees, the website says this is clear evidence the world is going to end.

The mass death of fish, however, actually has everything to do with red tide – a harmful algal bloom that depletes oxygen and releases toxins into the water – and almost certainly nothing to do with the end of the world.

But Biblical fundamentalists still have points to prove.

Believing that the world was created only a few thousand years ago, they say this points to evidence that our time is nearly up. The Reverend Donna Larson claims that the number 6,000 is bad news – as the Bible predicts that man will rule the Earth for 6,000 years, ending in 2017.

She also claims that 2017 marks 70 years since the UN established Israel and 50 years since the unification of Jerusalem, saying: “All these numbers have Biblical significance.

But just like the world was supposed to end in 2012 (and 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016), there’s a good chance we all won’t meet our impending doom this year. So don’t worry, guys.


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We might end but the world will carry on better than ever without us.

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