Evidence Suggests That Kim Kardashian Faked Armed Jewel Heist For Attention


Damn! Do we got another Ryan Lochte situation going down?! This time from Paris.

Last night when we posted the OG story about Kanye leaving his show because Kim got robbed at gun point 95% of you guys commented “good” and “hell yeah!”

5% called bullshit and there are a lot of red flags that could prove those people right. Kim Kardashian may have staged the robbery – all for publicity, according to multiple new reports.

Multiple sites are reporting today that Kim Kardashian may have staged the robbery for publicity.

I am leaning towards the side of fake. Why/When is this girl ever alone? A camera is filming her, her kids are with her, her family trying to get more money by being around her, security watching for creeps. Plus, if there were robbers busting out of a hotel, wouldn’t there be some footage? Or are they on some Ocean’s 11 type shit where they blacked out the entire city just to do the gig.

TMZ said about the robbery: 2 gunmen bound and gagged Kim with handcuffs and tape and then put her in the bathtub. We’re told Kim begged them to spare her life, telling them she had babies at home.

After the gunmen left she was able to break out of the restraints and called for help.


A lot of the “evidence” that is being provided by the Kardashian camp and by the French authorities is just not making sense.


Here are some of the red flags:

  1. The jewelry box –  not a safe was “robbed” of $11 million in jewelry. WHO THE FUCK leaves $11M in jewelry out in the open?
  2. Kim was not harmed? According to Kim’s publicist, FIVE masked men with FUCKING GUNS tied her up in her home. They claim that not one of them did anything inappropriate and that Kim is either very lucky.
  3. Kim bounced 3 hours after the incident. Classic Lochte move. Get out before you can, I don’t know, help the police on any leads. This is a $11 Million dollar home invasion. I am making sure all the cops know my story and are busting their asses to get my shit back!
  4. Kim’s security guard was conveniently not with her when the alleged robbery took place. He is there in Paris with her but happened to be gone when the burglars arrived.
  5. The kids were miraculously not with her. According to reports, Kim’s children North and Saint, were with her in Paris – just in a different home. How convenient.
  6. The show is about to get canceled. They are paying to keep it on the air themselves and nothing would be juicer than a Kim K $11 million meltdown.

Not ready to say 100% that she faked this shit. But that is a lot of red flags if you ask me. Jet fuel can’t burn steel beams.


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