Ex Gets Brutal Revenge On Man As 1000 Men Turn Up At His House

A man is suing dating app Grindr after over a thousand men turned up to his house and work looking for sex.

New York actor Matthew Herrick’s ex-lover created a fake profile using his images and then handed out his home and work address to aggressive suitors.

A suitor once managed to get into his apartment and attacked Herrick’s housemate, and his lawsuit focuses on numerous similar incidents as a result of this ‘catfish’.

Herrick stated that the events had left him in ‘a constant state of hyper-vigilance, afraid that Grindr has been used to incite or seduce the wrong person – somebody who will make good on threats to attack or rape [me]’.

Even after he reportedly made 50 complaints to Grindr, and filed 14 police reports about the fake accounts, there was negligible response.

According to CNN, as many as 16 strangers per day would turn up looking for Herrick and were told to not be dissuaded if he was resistant at first because it was ‘part of an agreed upon rape fantasy or role play’.

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Herrick said to Wired:

My entire life has been stolen from me. My privacy has been taken from me. I’m humiliated daily.

It’s a living hell.

On occasion police have suggested that he move house or get a new job, but Herrick did not accept that as a solution and questioned, ‘Why doesn’t Grindr do its job?’.

He presents the case of how Grindr allows impersonations and is being used ‘as a weapon’ without control from the app.


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