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Ex-Stripper Rants On Why She’ll Never Stop Showing Her Breasts

Ex-Stripper Rants On Why She’ll Never Stop Showing Her Breasts

Damn… Talk about confidence. I am going to stay neutral on this post and when you see what the trolls say about her, you will know why.

She worked for her titties… Yes, it was in the strip club but hey, that’s working! This is Cardi B Official:


Before today I didn’t know much about her. Now I know she use to work in the club at a young age and that is how she got those plastic jugs.


A lot of people (trolls) did mention that “2 weeks of working to put your life on the line” is pretty dumb. But again, I can’t be mad at someone who is 1. showing me their boobs and 2. explaining why they will never stop showing them!


Of course, the trolls in the comments still let her have it:

“I CANT STAND THIS HOE. God hear voice is like nails across a chalkboard”

“You slaved to make yourself prettier on the outside? Damn I’m sorry that says a lot about your inside! Hope my daughter never feels like you.”

“Who is this? & noooo bitch you did not work hard for those fake ass boobies. I can go down town right now & get a job in a club & shake my REAL fat ass & REAL boobs for some money. Will I do that? No. Because I have class. Sorry bitch.”

“please od or something “I was in the stripclub at 18″ that’s not an accomplishment nor something to brag about You ain’t work hard at all you dumb hoe you shaked your ass and titis for money that’s not work at all ???”

It is easy to say some shit from behind the IG, let’s see some of you big talkers square up. I can tell this girl has some crazy in her. I bet she whoops some ass!

Here is the video rant:

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Now I know what trump meant when he said they’re not sending us their breast.

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