EX Wedding Photographer Tricked Women Into Having Sex With Him With The Promise Of Modeling Careers


Investigators say a former wedding photographer from Raymore, MO promised lucrative modeling careers to trick women into having sex with him.

A federal grand jury indicted Mario Antoine on Monday. He is facing federal charges for running a pornography fraud scheme.

Court records state that Antoine is accused of victimizing at least six women.

The records say Antoine allegedly would send pornographic images of the women to their bosses or boyfriends if the women asked why they were not paid.

He faces a 21-count federal indictment.

Investigators searched his computer and say Antonie plotted and planned his scheme.

“Rape by deception” was found in a Google search on the suspect’s computer, along with “rape by deception Kansas” and “illegal to trick girls sleeping with you.”

The scheme involved Antonie allegedly creating fake companies by the name of “Playboy Worldwide,” “Playboy Asia” and “Dash Agency.”

This is not the suspect’s first run in with a law.

In 2012, KCTV5 told you about brides the man scammed on their wedding day. He never produced precious wedding photos the couples paid for.

“It’s very frustrating to get robbed like we did, robbed of memories most importantly, but also robbed financially,” said Juliette Dellavia, one of the scammed brides.

Documents state Antonie allegedly recorded what he referred to as “auditions.” Those “auditions” featured him performing a sex act with the women while he recorded it.

In return, thousands of dollars were promised as payment for entering into contracts for modeling shoots.

He was sentenced for ripping off several brides in 2012. His probation was revoked because investigators say he continued to scam people.

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