This Expensive Sex Club Will Set You Back $75,000 A Year


Is Snctm in Los Angeles the most exclusive sex club in the world? It’s the hottest sex club in the world, created for the rich and the powerful in Hollywood, and occasionally New York, and it holds monthly “meetings” where celebrities and VIPs regularly show up.

You have to sign a “blood oath” to become a member – sounds a bit like having a contract with the devil…

60 grand gets your unlimited access to “special rooms” and orgy nights. And if that’s too steep for you, then you can pay$2200 a night and if you bring a girl, you get a discount of $250.

Naturally, women don’t have to pay to go but they have to submit a full-length photo to the organisers in order to get permission to go.

Right now, it’s a pretty exclusive club and its limited to 11 men and one woman, ranging from Grammy-winning musicians to successful businessmen.

The dress code is masquerade – men wear tuxes and women lingerie or cocktail dresses. And the ladies are decked out in Agent Provocateur.

One 20-something blonde crawls on the carpeted floor wearing red lace and a face mask with a leather pig snout and ears. Um…sexy?

There’s been a sneak peek video released too…


What do you reckon?

Snctm isn’t the only ‘private’ sex party though, there’s a whole host of them.

The Wolf of The West End

Eddie Davenport started up his first sex party company when he was just 20 years old called “Gatecrasher Balls”, which became notorious for their posh young guests having drunken sex. 30 years later – including a stint in prison for fraud – and he’s still going. Vice even shot a documentary after his release from Wandworth Prison this year called The Wolf of the West End and an orgy at his house, that Davenport called “tame” as it was shot for the cameras. He’s pretty notorious – he even bought himself a lordship.

He told The Sun: I want to do what I love – organise great parties, meet beautiful women, celebrities and fun people. Everyone doing what they enjoy – having sex.What could be better than that?”

His orgy parties are invite only.

Killing Kittens

Did you know that was a slang term for female masturbation? Um, me neither. Apparently there is a populist myth that every time a woman “sins” by pleasuring herself, God kills a kitten in an act of divine retribution. Well, OK. Anyway, exclusive female-driven sex club Killing Kittens

It’s way cheaper than Snctm, but the thing is that you have to get a girl to bring you. Men aren’t allowed in on their own. And it’s got some pretty fancy settings, like New York penthouses, St Tropez super-yachts and exclusive luxury locations the world over.

Heaven Circle

Another exclusive sex club is Heaven Circle, that only has 90 members at a time, even though thousand apply. Clearly a lot of people have been watching 50 Shades of Grey.

Chris Reynolds Gordon: It’s becoming way more open, I don’t want to use the word trendy, but it’s quite the thing to do at the moment.”

He admits that they don’t want any old people – and most of the members have cut-glass accents and model sharp cheekbones.

The orgies always have a fancy location – mansions or townhouses, recently a £30million London townhouse complete with a hot tub and 18th-century stone staircase where the trysts take place in four-poster beds.

Anyone fancy going?

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