Expert Claims Kurt Cobain Was Murdered Based On ‘Suicide Note’ Evidence

Expert Claims Kurt Cobain Was Murdered Based On ‘Suicide Note’ Evidence

Today is the 23rd anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s death. Every year on the anniversary of the Nirvana frontman’s death it seems like ‘new evidence‘ surrounding his death comes to light in the news.

This year, outlets are reporting on information which was actually contained within a portion of the 2015 Kurt Cobain documentary Soaked In Bleach. In this segment, the sensationalist accusation goes as far as accusing Courtney Love, Kurt’s widow, as being complicit in his death. In the relevant portion of the documentary, a forensics expert suggests Kurt’s suicide note wasn’t actually a suicide not at all, and that it was potentially written by someone else.

I haven’t seen the documentary myself, but there’s supposedly a scene in which a ‘handwriting practice sheet’ is found in the widow Courtney Love’s bag. This leads forensic experts to posit that she potentially was practicing Kurt’s handwriting and from there the conspiracy theories take off:

According to the Mail Online, in a scene in the film Heidi Harralson, a forensic document examiner, explains:
[The sheet contains] letter combinations of specific letters that are found in the bottom portion of the suicide note. It is possible that someone else with some skill could indeed imitate his writing, especially those last few lines.”
“Carole Chaski, a forensic linguist, adds to the theory by pointing out that the top portion of the long note appears to be written in completely different handwriting and a different linguistic style to the bottom four lines.”
Tom Grant, the private detective who was interviewed for Soaked In Bleach, has argued that the letter reads more like a note announcing Cobain is leaving his wife and retiring from the music business, rather than a farewell to life.
He claims the final few lines at the bottom, which read much like you might expect from a stereotypical suicide note, were added later by an unknown individual.via UNILAD

Here’s the portion of scribbling/handwriting that they’re talking about, via UNILAD:

Bullshit. I’m calling complete bullshit. Courtney Love had no hand in her late husband’s death beyond helping to fuel their drug addled lives. She did not kill Kurt Cobain, nor did she write his suicide note. Unless I see concrete evidence, of which there is none, I refuse to believe that Kurt Cobain was murdered by his widowed wife.

But, if you’re a skeptic and want to keep on reading, you can CLICK HERE to head on over to


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I’m still skeptical it was suicide but I do agree that she had nothing to do with actually killing him or writing the note. I could see her hiring someone else to do those things though. We will probably never know what really happened. Some things about this leave a lot of possibilities and that is the real problem. Even in cases where it is well known what went down you still have crazy ass people coming up with ridiculous theories about what “really” happened. This case just makes the more believable ones seem really convincing to a lot of people is all.

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