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Facebook Group Exposes Girls As They Do The ‘Walk of Shame’

Facebook Group Exposes Girls As They Do The ‘Walk of Shame’

We use to catch people walking home to the dorms from the night before and root them on. I thought nothing would ever beat that. Until I saw these people doing it on video.

Some people are pissed that they are calling people out who just had a good time. I think it is still funny.

A Walk of Shame is defined in the Urban Dictionary as “walking back home the day after an unplanned casual sexual encounter, typically dressed in the same clothes as the previous evening”.


According to TheSun: BOOZED up Brits are being outed on a Facebook “Walk of Shame” page dedicated to the sex-fuelled party town of Magaluf.

The cheeky site is already a massive hit with holiday reps working in the notorious resort and has quickly attracted thousands of followers.

The Maga Walk of Shame page mainly features pictures and videos of half-naked girls walking back to their hotels and holiday apartments after a wild night out.

Many look the worse for wear as they are pictured staggering down the main strip the morning after a big night.

The pictures – posted by other tourists – often feature half-dressed party girls trying to hide their faces from the cameras.

Highlights include those still dressed to the nines walking past other holidaymakers enjoying their breakfasts.

One rep said: “They used to say what happens in Magaluf stays in Magaluf… but not anymore. These photos will give some a lasting reminder of the best holiday of their lives.

The page will even chase people down on video!

“We got ourselves a hider with a boyfriend spent nearly 5 mins in the shop trying to avoid us “who do you think you are”


Dudes can get blasted as well:

Some people have called the page out for making fun of these people. I think it is all in good fun.

Just don’t get caught with your shame walk!



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