Before we indulge in the beauty of what’s happening on Facebook, let’s all agree that being a customer service rep sucks. Making people happy is nearly impossible, no matter what you do, and suggesting customers take a hard look in the mirror is unthinkable. Kinda like this….

Gasp! What the hell is Popeye’s thinking, right? Here’s the wonderful thing — “Customer Service” doesn’t work for Popeye’s. In fact, it’s not a representative of any company. It’s a delightful parody account that goes around Facebook responding to customer complaints on other brand pages. (WeHopeThatHelps)

Nothing is taboo, especially if it’s been a while since you brushed up on your grammar.

Despite being brutal, the comments are rarely deleted. Probably because they’re hilarious. And probably because it’s what the REAL customer service team wishes it could say.

Finally. Someone willing to put customers in their place.

Gee whiz Elizabeth, the world doesn’t revolve around you, okay?

Was that picture really necessary Lindsay? You’re just embarrassing yourself.


Fake ‘Customer Service’ Page Is Trolling Facebook In The Best Possible Way

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