A California man was arrested after he allegedly posed as a doctor, prescribing expired medication and a bag of dirt to a cancer patient in exchange for thousands of dollars.

According to The Los Angeles Times, the Ventura County Interagency Pharmaceutical Crimes Unit investigation into 69-year-old Vincent Gammill began last month when a 49-year-old Thousand Oaks woman reported the fraud.

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Fake Doctor Arrested After Prescribing $2,000 Bag Of Dirt To Cancer Patient
via The Natural Oncology Institute 

The Thousand Oaks woman suffered from a late stage of breast cancer and was searching for other forms of treatment as a last resort when she came upon Gammill’s website, “Natural Oncology Institute.”

The website advertised alternative forms of medicine aimed at providing “a full array of information to people with cancer and then help find the best therapies in accordance with their needs.”

In June, the Thousand Oaks woman drove almost 300 miles to Gammill’s office in Berkeley, CA where she attended a consultation that lasted nearly two days.

At the end, Gammill charged her $2,000 and gave her a number of baggies containing random powders, vials of liquid, empty capsules, expired medication and, literally, a bag full of dirt – that he told her she would have to ingest.

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Fake Doctor Arrested After Prescribing $2,000 Bag Of Dirt To Cancer Patient
via Natural Oncology Institute

According to The L.A. Times, the fake doctor then pulled out a frying pan, that he placed on the table so that he could safely mix one of the compounds without causing any damage because apparently “one of the compounds could burn a hole through the table.”

After he finished mixing the compound, Gammill instructed her to take it.

The Thousand Oaks woman felt an uncomfortable burning sensation in her stomach, which the fake doctor assured her was normal, that it meant “the ingredients were still active.”

After Gammill was reported, Ventura County Sheriff’s detectives searched his house in El Cerrito.

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Fake Doctor Arrested After Prescribing $2,000 Bag Of Dirt To Cancer Patient

In it they found 25,000 prescription pills, including morphine and steroids – most of which were expired – from Mexico and Russia.

Authorities also discovered bottles labeled “poison” and “corrosive.”

Gammill led his patients to believe that he was a certified doctor, however, the investigation into his past revealed no evidence of any post-secondary degree, let alone medical training.

Gammill was also arrested on suspicion of elder abuse.

Authorities are asking other people who have been treated by the fake doctor to come forward.

He has been released on bail and is expected to appear in court on August 31.


Fake Doctor Arrested After Prescribing $2,000 Bag Of Dirt To Cancer Patient

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