Fake Indian ‘Space Men’ Arrested Over NASA Scam

Two Indians have been paraded by police in homemade ‘space suits’ after their arrest for a bizarre space scam.

Virender Mohan Brar, 56, and his son Nitin Mohan Brar, 30, allegedly committed mass fraud by pretending to have a deal with NASA.

They reportedly told investors they were building a device which they called the ‘rice puller’, which could be used to generate “electricity from thunderbolts”. This device would be sold to NASA once it was complete.

Delhi Police say at least 30 people fell for the swindle, and paraded the pair in their crinkly silver outfits for the press.

“A few years ago, the complainant, Narender Saini, met Virender, who told him his company would sell the ‘rice puller’ to NASA after building it. He said he needed seed money for this purpose,” joint commissioner of police Alok Kumar says.

“Saini entered into an MoU with Virender and paid Rs 87.2 lakh for ‘anti-radiation suits’, which the accused said would be worn by scientists during testing. They said tests were scheduled in Hapur, but could not be held as the place was ‘not conducive’.”

Rs 87.2 lakh is equivalent to over NZ $185,000.

It’s not the first time the pair have been arrested over their elaborate cons. An official says they were previously arrested for selling snakes by claiming that the reptiles were rare and had medicinal properties.

Other scams reportedly included selling magic mirrors and two-headed snakes.


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