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Family Shocked to Learn They Have Mummy in Their Garage

Family Shocked to Learn They Have Mummy in Their Garage


A prospective homebuyer was surely shocked Thursday to discover a garage belonging to one Detroit home was more like an Egyptian tomb. The Detroit Free Pressreports the man was inspecting the garage of a home he was considering buying when he found a body in the backseat of a 25-year-old Plymouth Acclaim. Police say the body—wearing, pants, shirt, and sweatshirt—was “badly decomposed” and “mummified.” The condition of the body had gotten to the point where the skin looked like “tanned leather,” according to the Guardian. A spokesperson for the medical examiner’s office tells the Detroit News the body appears to have been sitting in the car for “years,” the Detroit News reports.

Police say the body had been there “for quite some time.” The home was being rented by a family who say their landlord told them not to use the garage, so they never went in there. A police spokesperson says they were told “basically don’t go in the garage, don’t put anything in the garage.” Police plan to investigate once they know the cause of death. But at this point they can’t even tell the gender of the body. With the body too decomposed for a typical autopsy, an anthropologist will examine it next week.

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